Caring For Nurse

Caring For Nurse

A Sad Thing Helped Me to Have a Full-Time Career and Business

My company offers professional cleaning services in Singapore to other businesses and individuals who need help. I’ve earned a good living from it. I started the business after my marriage failed and I did not know what else to do with my life. With no education past high school, I feared that I would be one of those moms who is forced to stay on government help just to make sure that I keep a roof over my kid’s heads. I feared that I would never have any sort of job that paid well. I feared the future, but the future has turned out to be a great thing.

When my husband left, he took almost everything and walked out with little notice. I had no idea that he was going to do that until the day that he did it. Our oldest daughter was 4 years old, and our youngest daughter was just a baby. He came in one day and said that he had been unhappy for a long time and that he found someone else. I wanted to talk about it, but he had no interest. He began packing everything up and he left that night. He left me a bed, a couch and a crib. There was no food in the refrigerator and no money to pay the rent that would soon be due 3 weeks later.

I didn’t have much time to think when I found myself on my own. I needed money quickly. Rather than hide and crumble, I let everyone that I knew in on what happened. I told everyone that I would be willing to clean their homes or businesses for pay. My phone started ringing soon after. Not only were people offering their condolences, they wanted to help me when they saw how determined I was. I was booked solid with cleaning requests for the next 6 months. Over time, I’ve grown all of that into a business and have a full-time staff now.

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