Caring For Nurse

Caring For Nurse

Care Plan

Remember: Nurses need care too! We write care plans for patients every day. Now there’s a care plan for you. Find ways to cope with job related anxiety, gain knowledge, and meet spiritual needs. Beat the stress.

Nurses’ Care Plan

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Anxiety related to demands of the job. 1. Acknowledge causes of anxiety in nurses.
2. See the lighter side of stressful situations when possible.
3. Begin to look for ways to change a difficult situation into a positive one.
1. Read Stressed out? to note some causes of stress in nurses, and check out How can I cope? to get some ideas to help.
2. See Medical humor to laugh at the lighter side of our work.
3. Visit Nursing anecdotes read stories of bad situations in nursing that had good outcomes.
Inefficient coping related to lack of knowledge for job requirements. 1. Acquire more knowledge and skills in needed areas.
2. Recognize need of assistance and start by asking help from a Higher Power.
1. Visit our Nursing books and Medical resourcespages to find help in the area in which you are deficient.
2. Read Dear Lord please give me strength and Give to my eyes.
3. Ask God for wisdom and knowledge for the day’s requirements at the beginning and throughout each shift.
Spiritual distress related to inability to find meaning or purpose in professional and personal life. 1. Briefly analyze things that make us timid in spiritual matters.
2. Re-evaluate our own spiritual values.
3. Find answers to difficult spiritual questions.
4. Begin to spend some time in prayer and meditation.
1. Visit Nursing the spirit to understand why spiritual needs are sometimes hard to explore.
2. Read Why did God make a world like this? to get the full perspective.
3. Meditate on some of the Nurses’ Prayers included in this website.
Ineffective management of therapeutic regimen (program committee chairman) related to inability to find unique resources or ideas for planning nursing programs, seminars, banquets, parties, conferences, and presentations. 1. Find resources and ideas to help.
2. Begin to develop ideas of your own.
3. Use this opportunity to honor or encourage others.
4. Share your ideas, presentations, and resources.
1. Visit We’re having a get-together to discover resources and ideas for your special program.
2. Remembering that ideas are everywhere, use the material in the above section as a springboard to begin to develop your own ideas.
3. Seek out ways to honor or encourage those in your group who do their work faithfully day after day with little recognition.
4. Email me with your ideas and presentations and we will include as many as possible in this website. (Only clean, wholesome material will be considered.)
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