Caring For Nurse

Caring For Nurse

Nursing 101: What Are the Different Challenges That Nurses Face These Days?

Nursing is not an easy job and problems may arise anytime. Some issues are the results of interactions and communication among nurses.

Below are the biggest problems that nurses face these days:

Long Shifts – Oftentimes, nurses are required to work long hours. It may be due to the hospital with management cutting costs or being short-staffed. But, whatever the reason is, the nurses that work longer than they are supposed to, is damaging. It could have an impact on the quality of care they provide and it could put their health at risk as well. Whenever nurses work for extended hours, they are not resting properly and are not letting their bodies recover. For instance, some nurses who take the extended shifts suffer from chronic leg, shoulder, and back pain. Some of them develop the long-term medical conditions like cardiovascular issues and diseases. Once nurses don’t get enough rest, they can suffer from fatigue, daytime sleepiness, as well as impaired mental function. It could affect your ability make wise decisions that could compromise the safety of your patient.

Being Short Staffed – It could bring personal and professional issues. When hospitals are short-staffed, you are left without some options, yet to take on a lot of shifts, miss out some important life occasions, and cover for the absences of your co-nurses. Your social life may also suffer. One of the reasons why the nurses suffer from burnout is due to short staffing. Nursing is a stressful job and not having time to care for yourself and relax could make you feel more unsatisfied and frustrated with your job.

Job Hazards – Working in hospitals put nurses in majority of work hazards. For instance, take being exposed to the infected body fluids. Aside from that, lifting the patients of all sizes may cause some safety issues to yourself. Nurses have to deal with needles and sharps and running on the slippery floors during an emergency.

Discrimination – The nurses who eat their young is not really a new thing. As a matter of fact, it has been around for many years. Being a new nurse can be intimidating and you should adjust to some new things. Other than the skills you need to gain, you have to learn also the ways to cope with how a nursing system in a hospital. However, not every veteran nurse is that welcoming. Such attitudes tend to dull enthusiasm of the new nurses, making them question themselves if they have made the right choice for their careers.

Nursing may be hard, yet nurses do their very best to ensure that their patients are healthy and safe, providing them the care that they deserve while they are in the hospital.

There are other challenges that nurses face these days, but these don’t stop some people who want to pursue a career in the nursing industry. The reason behind it is that regardless of how tough or complicated the problems are, the experience is still fulfilling and rewarding at the same time.

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