Caring For Nurse

Caring For Nurse

Top Places to Find Nursing Job Opportunities

Being the backbone of medical care, nursing remains as among the most lucrative and mobile professions even amidst these turbulent economic times. The following countries are some of the best places which offer easier entry requirements and attractive remuneration packages for nursing professionals.

United States

A registered nurse in the United States has the chance to earn an average yearly salary of around 67,490 US dollars, which only proves that America is no doubt the land for nursing opportunities. It has been noted that the demand for skilled and experienced nurses in this country is extremely high, especially in the areas of ED, ICU, and OR.

Majority of registered nurses who are interested to work in the United States often connect with a potential nursing employer who has the capacity to assist them in navigating the entire process. For foreign nurses, they will be required to have a CGFNS or Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing schools certificate or an unrestricted and full license for them to be able to practice professional nursing in state of intended employment.


For nursing professionals, the ANMAC or Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council conducts skills assessments for the migration with the average yearly salary of a registered nurse in the country amounting to around 46,720 US dollars.


With the increase in the average lifespan of Norway’s population, more and more qualified professionals in the field of healthcare are required. All of the country’s healthcare employees require a formal authorization from the Directorate for Health and Social Affairs. Aside from that, nurses are also required to have a degree in general nursing. In addition, it is also a must for the nurses to have the ability to read and speak Norwegian, and potential nurses are being recommended to learn the language prior to their application for authorization. The yearly earnings of a qualified nurse can go to as much as 47, 000 US dollars.

United Kingdom

When you work as a nurse in the United Kingdom, you can look forward to great opportunities in your career since the NHS or National Health Service counts on the foreign medical professionals. The yearly salary of a nurse in the United Kingdom can range from 27,249 to 35,400 US dollars depending on the qualifications and experience of the nurse.

The midwives and nurses who have trained outside the EEA or European Economic Area and wish to work as a midwife or nurse in the United Kingdom should acquire a professional registration with the NMC or Nursing and Midwifery Council. Applicants are being tested for the competence by way of eligibility tests as well as other formalities.


Nurses who have the experience and skills n specialty fields, and the ones who are willing to work in the remote communities in Canada are also very much in demand. The IENs or internationally educated nurses who wish to work in Canada musty be licensed through following the necessary processes for the registered nurses in Canada. The newest salary posting in the country is a yearly income of 44,700 US dollars.




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